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Melissa's Bridal Look

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To recreate Melissa’s flawless and matte complexion, I have used the following Atelier Professional Makeup products. 


Atelier Waterproof Foundation

To perfectly blend your foundation I recommend applying it with a foundation brush or a makeup application sponge.

Easy to blend, this light textured foundation leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth, whilst offering a long lasting result that is extra resistant to water, tears and sweat. Atelier waterproof foundations contain hydrating agents making this foundation comfortable to wear even if your skin is dehydrated.
Atelier foundations are high in pigment, so a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount of this fluid foundation and apply extra product only to areas requiring further coverage.

From memory, I think I applied the FLW3Y foundation on Melissa (Pale Yellow 3).

Tip: Blend concealer over your eyelids prior to applying your eyeshadows, this will provide a smooth base, making eyeshadow application a breeze whilst also enhancing the true colours. Apply your foundation after you’ve perfected your eye work, carefully avoiding your already made-up eyes, and by doing so you can easily remove and clean up any accidental mess from under the eye without ruining the rest of your base.

Atelier Waterproof Concealer

Golden yellow toned concealers work best to create a natural finish, which counteracts the purplish shade of dark under eye circles.
I recommend you apply a concealer that's slightly lighter than your foundation, usually one to two shades lighter than your foundation is ideal. Although, if your under eye is many shades deeper than your natural skin colour, perhaps try applying your concealer an extra shade lighter.

Melissa is fortunate to have clear skin to start with, however, to ensure an even complexion I sparingly applied the FLWA1Y (Pale Yellow 1).

Apply and blend with a concealer brush or pat and blend lightly with your finger.
Specially formulated for the fragile skin around the eyes to soften fine lines, conceal under eye dark circles and disguise blemishes, like the waterproof foundation this concealer is also resistant to water, tears and sweat.

Atelier Contour Cream Corrector

Apply with a foundation primer or concealer brush as a shading contour to enhance your bone structure, e.g. the hollows of your cheeks, sides of the nose and under tip of nose, the temples. Lightly blend with your fingers or a makeup sponge.

Atelier Cream Blush

I applied the Ambering Rose (previously named Rose-Beige) Cream Blush to Melissa’s cheeks and, over the top, lightly dusted with the Apricot Powder Blush.

As blusher brushes are for applying powder blush, you’re best to blend this cream blush with either your fingers or a makeup sponge.

Apply as a subtle highlighting contour on the apples of your cheeks for a natural healthy glowing complexion.


Atelier Ivory-Gold Highlighter
(#1 of Brown-Gold palette)
Highlight under the brow bone, with an eyeshadow brush.

Atelier Brown-Gold (#5 of Brown-Gold Palette)
Blend the brown-gold eye shadow across the lid, and contour just above the natural crease with a blending shadow brush. To a flattering contour shape above the natural crease it is best applied with your eyes open.

Atelier silky eye shadows blend beautifully, ensuring a long lasting makeup, extra resistant to tears and sweat that will last for hours without creasing or fading.

Atelier Black Eye Pencil

Line the upper and lower lash line and blend to create a soft smoky effect. To ensure you lower lash line is not too heavy, gently apply from outer edge and taper in to about 1/3 or half way before softly smudging across.

For a more intense and defined eye line, try our Black Gel Eyeliner… also great for creating temporary black tattoos.

Atelier Waterproof Black Mascara

Melissa’s lashes are made thicker, longer, and waterproofed, with the specially designed brush applicator, which separates the lashes perfectly. Move the brush in an upward and outward direction for extra-long lashes, and don’t be afraid to apply a couple of coats for the desired effect. I always like to have a spare disposable mascara wand handy for the purpose of de-clumping if required.

Tip: Don’t throw away the mascara wand when your mascara product is finished. Instead, thoroughly and hygienically clean the mascara wand (Sard Wonder Soap works a treat) and use as a de-clumper… or, use as an eyebrow brush/comb if you don’t already have one.

Atelier Eyebrow Pencil

Melissa is wearing the Taupe Eyebrow Pencil.
Softly fill in brows with light feathery strokes. Starting at the fuller end, fill in areas that are sparse and softly taper out to the tail of the brow to ensure brows look balanced and even.


To ensure lips are well conditioned prior to your lipstick application, generously apply a nourishing lip balm and leave for a few minutes to fully absorb. Blot away the excess and gently remove any obvious dry skin.

Atelier Lip Liner

Rose-Beige has been used to line and fill in Melissa’s lips to prevent the lipstick bleeding, but also to help the lipstick wear longer.

Atelier Lipstick

The reason I love Atelier’s Cream Blush so much is that you can multi-use it as a lipstick, and even as a cream eye shadow… if you’re skilled enough with your blending techniques.

Melissa is wearing the same Ambering Rose Cream Blush (previously named Rose-Beige) on her lips, followed with a light layer of Natural Lip Gloss.

To achiever a glossier finish in an alternative and equally popular colour, try the Atelier Lip Shine in Rose-Beige

You may notice I perhaps (over) used the word blend throughout this tutorial. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of this skill to ensure a flawless finish. Practice makes perfect!